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In each 11th edition chapter, we include two feature boxes: Entrepreneurship Issues and Your Business Career.

Entrepreneurship Issues boxes focus on contemporary topics related to entrepreneurship. Topics include: web conferencing, elevator pitches, and entrepreneurship blogs.

Your Business Career feature boxes focus on the techniques and attitudes they will need in business and life. Topics include: Sense of Purpose, Choosing to Attend College and Self-Awareness.

To enhance these features boxes, Pearson designed the: Student Center Business Career Links Website.

Click on the topic you'd like more information on and you'll see articles, websites and videos for your classroom or students to use!


Chapter Test Bank

Pearson Test Generator enables you to quickly create customized, printed tests and quizzes for your NFTE class. Each chapter has 100 questions with a total of 2200 questions for the 11th edition. Choose from multiple choice, fill-in the blank, true/false and matching.

Accounting Worksheet

Chapter 14 in the NFTE textbook 11th edition focuses on recordkeeping and using excel. The accounting worksheets are designed to supplement the chapter content.

Classroom Pacing Guides

These schedules were developed to help teachers plan their classes using Entrepreneurship: Owning Your Future.

Study Guide Teacher Edition

These files contain answer keys to the NFTE student Study Guide Workbook.

Lesson Plans

NFTE-created lesson plans for chapters 1-14 of Entrepreneurship: Owning Your Future plus activity lessons.


NFTE’s standard assessments for all NFTE teachers to administer in their classrooms.

Chapter Presentations

These Powerpoint presentations summarize the chapters of Entrepreneurship: Owning Your Future.