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Connect is your online resource for entrepreneurship education, a fast-growing approach that helps young people place their educational goals in the context of real-world success. Entrepreneurship education helps students learn by exploring the principles of business development and creating functioning, profitable enterprises.

Here you will find everything you need to adopt entrepreneurship education to your classroom, including sample lesson plans, student success stories, professional development opportunities, and the opportunity to network with other teachers. Join us in this exciting approach to teaching and help your students find success.

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Teachers across the country are using entrepreneurship education to motivate their students to find new levels of achievement in school and in their lives. This teaching methodology links classroom work with the creation of practical business models and real-life opportunities. As a result, young people come to understand the importance of education to their long-term goals and personal success. This means more students stay in school, complete their studies and go on to post-secondary education.

You can get started with entrepreneurship education by using the free teaching materials here on Connect. Or you can sign up for professional development training through NFTE University or Biz Builders, intensive three or four-day courses that will give you the fundamentals of the entrepreneurship education approach. Want to learn more? See How To Use This Site.